Corporate Profile

Corporate Philosophy 

We aim to be a credible expert in field of real estate, based on flexible thinking and broad energy to take actions.  We are to become an organization that our “Existence” itself is appreciated in the society.

Business Philosophy 
The purpose of our work is to contribute one’s decision making process through deriving “The Optimum Solution”.
The subject of our work is “People’s Life Space” embodied by the combination of human and natural resources.
We respect the “Modesty” where we always ask why-questions to ourselves.
We become “True Specialists” who are capable of untangling the complicated problems.
We appreciate both “Power of Individuals” and Excellence of Teamwork”, and achieve mutual growth.

Our Business scenes


We work on Public Sector’s fair valuation; fair value accounting; non-performing loan valuations; M&As; etc. Further, valuation scenes are infinite in regard to rent valuations; inheritance; disputes and conflicts. A property is different from the other. We pursue the optimum solution for each subject property through valuation.

[Asset Securitization]

Securitization of real estate became popular along with opening REIT market in many countries and regions. It keeps growing. The securitized property market is diversified from classic type asset such as office, apartment and retail, to such hotel, logistics, healthcares and more. We focus on market trend of various industries and various financial instruments to link them into fair market valuation of properties.

[International Context]

Along with globalization of economy, property valuation is requested more internationally and transnationally. International standards and local standards are complicatedly tangled, and we need prepare for solutions. Our global network enables to serve wide range of property valuation and counseling services both inbound to and outbound from the country.